UV/LED Toner-Vehicle Blending Systems

Utilizing our three part High Strength U.V. / LED Toner Vehicle Set (TVS) offers extreme versatility to the end user. The U.V. series TVS allows users to formulate for both standard U.V. curing for Mercury bulbs and LED 395nm bulbs by simply changing the photo initiator package during the blending / formulating phase. These systems can be used in conjunction with the A.C.T. Ink System® for quick and accurate color replication and quality control.

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UV/LED Toner

  Toner SKU Description Light fastness (Blue Wool Value)
  UVPB10-1 Pro Blue 8
  UVPG10-1 Green 8
  UVWR10-1 Warm Red 5
  UVRR10-1 Rubine 5
  UVPV10-1 Violet 8
  UVRH10-1 Rhodamine 2
  UVYE10-1 Yellow 6
  UVYE10-3 Yellow LF 8
  UVPK10-1 Mixing Black 8

UVPI-7 Photo Initator
UVPI-8 LED Photo Initiator Package (395nm)
UVLX10-1 Trans. White