Active Cure UV Flexographic Printing Inks

U.V. Finished Ink Blenders

Active Cure U.V. Inks have been developed to print fine line type, screens and bold spot colors on a large range of porous and non-porous substrates. Active Cure cures at high speeds and exhibits high gloss, excellent adhesion, scratch and abrasion resistance. UV Inks are now available in Low Migration systems.

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*Twenty Q-Tip rubs equals ( 1 ) point resistance on either BOPP or Coated Paper.

Ink System Substrate BOPP Substrate
Coated Paper
Resistance Property: Water Resistance Property: IPA Resistance Property: MEK Resistance Property: Alkali 2% Sol. Resistance Property: Amm 1% Sol. Resistance Property: Bleach 1% Sol Gloss
ACF-32 X   5 5 3 5 5 5 95-100
UV FAST CURE   X 5 5 5 5 5 5 90-95


  U.V. Sku Fast Cure Description Light Fastness
(Blue Wool Value)
  ACFPB32-01 Pro Blue 8
  ACFPG32-01 Green 8
  ACFWR32-01 Warm Red 5
  ACFRR32-01 Rubine 5
  ACFPV32-01 Violet 8
  ACFYE32-01 Yellow 6
  ACFYE32-03 Yellow LF 8
  ACFPK32-01 Mixing Black 8
  ACFRH32-01 Rhodamine 3
  ACFWH32-03 Opaque White  
U.V. Process Inks
  ACFPY32-01 Pro. Yellow 6
  ACFCY32-01 Cyan 8
  ACFMA32-01 Magenta 5
  ACFBK32-01 Black 8