Paper Substrate Flexographic Printing Inks

Paper Series Ink Blender

The PS-12 system is formulated to achieve the highest strength finished Ink blenders possible without sacrificing print quality. Paper Series can be used with our Color Matcher Ink management system to match standard and customer colors. All ink systems developed by Interactive Inks are available for use with our custom ACT Ink System® package for advanced formulation, correction and quality control.

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*Twenty Q-Tip rubs equals ( 1 ) point resistance on either BOPP or Coated Paper.

Ink System Substrate BOPP Substrate
Coated Paper
Resistance Property: Water Resistance Property: IPA Resistance Property: Alkali 2% Sol. Resistance Property: Amm 1% Sol. Resistance Property: Bleach 1% Sol Gloss
    X 5 5 5 5 5 75-80

PS Ink Blenders

  PART NUMBER (SKU) Description Light Fastness
(Blue Wool Value)
  PSPB12-01 High Strength Pro Blue 8
  PSPG12-01 High Strength Green 8
  PSWR12-03 High Strength Warm Red 5
  PSRR12-07 High Strength Rubine 5
  PSRR12-02 High Strength Rubine LF 6
  PSPV12-01 High Strength Violet 3
  PSPV12-02 High Strength Violet LF 8
  PSPP12-05 High Strength Purple 2
  PSRH12-05 High Strength Rhodamine 2
  PSRH12-02 High Strength Rhodamine LF 8
  PSYE12-04 High Strength Yellow 4
  PSYE12-03 High Strength Yellow LF 7
  PSPK12-05 High Strength Black 8
  PSPK10-2 Dense Black 8
  PSPK10-10 Mirror Black 8