Metallic Flexographic Printing Inks


The Metallic Gold (MG) line offers True Brilliant Golds for paper applications and high-end graphics in an easy, press ready ink system (just add water, no need for additives).

The Imitation Gold (IG) line of printing inks offers an excellent and cost effective alternative to true Metallic. Brilliant Golds and Silvers formulated for low gassing which extends the shelf life to one year minimum and prints equally as well on film as it does paper. These products are available in 10 micron for fine type laminations or in large leafing for added briliance.

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Metallic Ink Lines (MG/IG)

  MG SKU IG SKU Description
  MGBZ-871 IGPF11-871 871 Gold
  MGBZ-872 IGPF11-872 872 Gold
  MGBZ-873 IGPF11-873 873 Gold
  MGBZ-8744 IGPF11-874 874 Gold
  MGBZ-875 IGPF11-875 875 Gold
  MGBZ-876 IGPF11-876 876 Gold
  MGBZ-877 IGPF11-877 877 Silver
Custom Metallic Inks available upon request