Flexographic Ink System Press Side Additives


The listed additives are for aqueous Ink systems for press side modification of printing inks and coatings. These systems can be used in conjuction with our A.C.T software package for automatic inclusion when formulating for specific applications.

For more information or to sample these materials please Contact our dedicated customer service team.

Additives For Aqueous Systems

SKU Description
AVPS-6 Balanced Viscosity Reducer
AVPH-10 Print Re-wetting Enhancer (Slow dry rate)
AVPS-164 Transfer Varnish
AVDF-78P Pour In-Defoamer
AVPS-5 Leveling Additive
APC-16 Water Ink and UV Cleaner
AVPW-24 Press-Side Scuff/Scratch Additive
AVPW-69 Surface Print Wax Additive (3%)
AVPS-7 XP Balanced Reducer
AVDF-137 XP Defoamer
AVPH-110 pH Enchancer
Press Side additive sheets/posters with recommended uses available upon request